Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowzilla Giant Snowman Served With A Cease And Desist Order!

Check out the amazing story of Snowzilla, the tallest snowman in the world at 21 feet. The bad news is halfway through building him this year, all of the traffic and publicity caused the neighbors to complain and the city stuck a cease and desist order in Snowzilla's butt, ending all the fun. Complete details here.

A Complete Run Down Of All The Over-Priced And Less Than Impressive Robot Toys.

Slate has an excellent article comparing the vast array of various audioanimatronic animals and robotic friends available this Christmas, including Kota the Triceratops in a most unmoving and non-dramatic video. Don't miss the decidedly CREEPY petting of the Pleo, the last video in the article. That woman, or is it a man>, is stroking that toy just a bit to much.