Sunday, October 5, 2008

If You Steal 1.6 Million Dollars From The Navy, Probably A Good Idea To Hide It Before Slapping Your Wife Around

Or something like that. After being arrested for domestic abuse, she called his employer, the U. S. Navy and asked them to take his work hear out of her house. Oops. Read the huge theft story here.

Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student, Parents Just Can't Believe It

Parent's in an uproar as she was their kid's favorite student. Dummies. Maybe she is innocent, but until the smoke clears she will not be taking this families children on weekend camping trips. Actually, not even after the smoke clears, I am pretty protective of my own. Teachers wanting to sex up the kids should move to England, the teacher's union there thinks teachers should not be held criminally liable. Read about this teacher here. Read about the British pervs here.

Judge Releases Heroin Addict Burglar Go Despite 145 Crimes

That's way left of center I would say, go free and promise not to be bad again. Surely the other 145 crimes were all a mistake. It's enough to make me want to puke. Here in Texas we might have executed him... just because! Read the story here.