Sunday, September 7, 2008

When The News Isn't Funny Sometimes The Weatherman Is.

Woman Shoots Two People Because They Haven't Seen Her Chihuahua.

I will ask you once have you seen my Chihuahau, I might ask a second time have you seen my Chihuahua, and you better come up with a freakin' Chihuahua or I'll cap yo ass! Read the story here.

Church Skips Bikini Clad Car Washers, Stop In And Let The Clowns Wash Your Car. Really.

Clowns washing cars. that is the deal, for free no less. I presume it's the old marketing ploy of expecting a tip. Meanwhile, across the street a dozen cute girls in bikinis are offering the same deal. Hmmm, wonder who pulled in the most? Please click on the phot for a better view. No, he's not creepy, really. Read the story here.

New York State Throws Out Lawsuit From Woman Who Slipped At A Waterfall While Walking. On Slick Rocks. In Shoes With No Tread. While Blindfolded!

New York woman walking blindfolded and in slick bottom shoes slips an trail to waterfall, falls 120 feet, and survives! The not surprising news is she sued the state of New York because they "failed to adequately warn of the dangers involving the falls and the stream leading to the falls." The good, funny, and oh so righteous news is that New York has thrown the case out. Read the story here.

Double Wires- An Addictive Game.

Simply click your mouse where you want his web to shoot and swing along. How far can you go? Post your best distance in the comments section!

Thieves Steal Life-Size Ceramic Pigs, Community Squeals About It.

Three life-size ceramic pigs to be used in the Big Pig Jig Festival were stolen recently. The director wonders "Who would try to steal a life-size ceramic pig at 3 A. M.?" News flash, they didn't try, they did. Police issue an A.P.B.- All Pigs Bulletin! Read the story here.

NASA Astronaut In Amazing And Beautiful Self-Portrait.

A stunning photo self-portrait of a NASA astronaut taken while walking in space above a cloudy Earth. Beautiful. Click on the image above for an even larger and more incredible view.

British Supermarket Closes After Clerk Discovers World's Deadliest Spider In Bananas!

Giant 4 inch spider discovered by clerk under the bananas in a supermarket, and it's bad enough that it is huge and hairy. Worse, it turns out to be a Brazilian Wandering Spider, listed by Guinness Book of World Records as the most venomous animal in the world. Read the story here.

California Man Arrested For Flashing People. At A NUDE Beach!

So you want to have a little flashing fun, expose yourself to some poor, unsuspecting soul. What better place than a nude beach. Surely that will be no problem. Wrong! You can still be arrested for flashing, even at a nude beach. Read the story here.