Friday, September 12, 2008

German's Build An Upside Down House. Just Because.

All that expense just to enable an alternative point of view? Or did they really have the blueprints upside-down? Read the story here.

Antipodes Map. Drill Through The Earth And See What's Exactly On The Other Side From You.

What a cool map, just find your location on the top map and the bottom shows where you would be on the other side of the Earth. On this side I am in Humble, TX, right in the path of Hurricane Ike. On the other side I would be drowning in the ocean! Great choices. Fun and a cool diversion from all this hurricane worrying. Visit the site here.

Dad Finds Naked Boy In Daughter's Room, Hits Him With Pipe! I'd Have Done The Same.

Now the question is, what to hit the daughter with? Read the story here.

Hurricane Ike Hours Away From Houston- And ME! Check Out This Windspeed Prediction Site.

Excellent and interesting site, just roll the cursor over your zip code, see the projected wind speed, and kiss your stuff goodbye. I am in 77346 just so you know, 87 MPH sustained winds. Visit the site here.

Mugger Picks Female Victim. Woman Happens To Be Four Time Italian Karate Champion. Woman Kicks Mugger's Ass.

In a case of getting exactly what you deserve this sleazy mugger picked a female potential victim who just happened to be a black belt, four-time Italian Karate champ. After putting the hurt on the crook, Italian police haul him away. Read the story here.

The News Is Australian Man Bitten By Venomous Brown Snake. The Odd Part Is He Was Bitten On The Penis!

The call of nature on a lonely road, but still, you should always look carefully, especially in Australia where everything is deadly. This poor fellow stooped to do his business and a deadly Brown snake bit him on the penis. Read the story here.

And In Related Penis News, Giant Ice Penis Found Floating In The Ocean

An iceberg that is anatomically correct has been found floating in the sea near Antarctica. Naturally shaped or the product of oversexed penguins? We may never know. It's only a matter of time before the conservative right try to put an ice loincloth on it! Read the story here.

Hurricane Ike About To Prove Insurance Journal's May 28th Prediction Of No Texas Hurricanes So Totally Wrong.

What a ludicrous way to predict hurricanes. Rarely does a hurricane hit the Texas coast in an even numbered year they claim. So about to be proven wrong, much to this Houston resident's chagrin. Read the story here.