Friday, September 26, 2008

Muslim Cleric Who Celebrated 9-11 Gets Payback, Daughter A Busty Topless Pole Dancer!

In the classic twist on the preacher's wild daughter, Muslim cleric Omar Bakri, kicked out of Britain for his hateful views, found out his wild daughter, Yasmin Fostok, is an unwed mother, adventurous in bed, and a busty pole dancer. Read the story here.

Farmer Dyes Sheep Blue To Track Their Sexy Habits!

British farmer dyed some sheep blue so it would rub off on the ewes and he would know which were "in lamb". Kind of like catching them red-handed, only blue. Kinky farmer. Read the story here.

Amazing Collection Of Mug Shots Not To Be Missed!

Compliments of "The Smoking Gun", an incredible 'lineup' of assorted thieves, transvestites, drunks, and various other lawbreakers- allegedly! Enjoy the show here.

Woman Hogs Hotel Computer, Man Stabs Her Three Times

When he felt she was hogging the computer at the hotel business center he stabbed her three times with a steak knife. What a sharp temper! Read the story here.

Teen Tries To Have Mom Killed So He Can Spend Her Money On Girlfirend's Boob Job.

Teen hires two "hit men" to kill his mother with a baseball bat, so he will have money from her bank account to pay the rent and buy his girlfriend a boob job. Where he is headed now, HE will be the girlfriend. Read the story here.