Monday, September 1, 2008

Next Time I Go In I'll Get Fast Service. Spit In My Food Maybe, But Fast Service.

You Know At Some Point You Wish You Had The Creativity AND Guts To Do This!

Outside National Gallery, Man Takes A Leak On Giant Spider's Leg. I Always Wanted To Say That.

A stunning list of bad things that happens to good art, "good" apparently being in the eye of the beholder. From a urine soaked lag on a spider statue to lightning, trees falling, mentally challenged folks lounging on art, kids rearranging works, up to visitors signing the paintings with ball point pens and carving rappers names on window sills. Read the entire sick story here.

Fun Website Shows The Number One Hit The Day You Were Born. Might Be More Interesting To See What Was Playing When You Were Conceived.

A few simple clicks and you can see the number one hit the day you were born. Cool, but perhaps of much more psychological interest would be what your parents were listening to when you were conceived! Check your own dates out here.

So Your Bank Password Says The Bank Sucks, They Change It To Say No It Does Not. And From There The Worm Turns.

Lloyd's Bank of London actually spent the time to sift through their account holders personal and confidential passwords, and when they found one that was unflattering to their bank they changed it. All this without asking or even informing the customer. From there the story twists on. Read the story here.

Video Of Woman Smashing And Crashing Her Husbands Car With Her Own

Apparantly crazy knows no borders as this angry woman in Morocco uses her car to repeatedly crash into her Husband's car. Knowing how people are, they are probably back together. "We will laugh about this little incident in years to come", I can see them saying.

Rat, The Other Other White Meat. Did You Go To China For The Olympics?

It pays to be very careful in dining selections in foreign countries. Or fluent in the local language. Or perhaps adventurous in your eating choices. This article details how rat is prepared and might be practically indistinguishable from chicken or pork. Not for the squeamish. Read the story here.

Japanese Prime Minister Resigns Because Of 29% Support Rating And Economic Turmoil. Does This Sound Familier?

The Prime Minister of Japan resigns with a low support rating of 29% with an economy that is floundering. Those of us in the U.S. may be experiencing a strange sense of familiarity with this leader. Read the story here.

The 15 Most Bizarre Themed Restaurants In The World

Photo essay of the 15 most unique and bizarre themed restaurants in the world. Visit the autopsy themed restaurant where you dissect the corpse to get to the goodies inside. Squeamish? How about a nice diner where every seat is a throne? A toilet, I mean. Gross? Then visit the eatery where you dine in total darkness. No patron has ever complained about a stray hair in the food I suppose. See the entire list here.

Photography- Look Twice At This Cool Photo

Sitting At The Edge Of The Pool

Man Caught Faking Own Death For Insurance Money, Fingerprints Left On Death Certificate

When faking your own death for a huge insurance settlement, make sure you don't leave your fingerprints on your own death certificate. Read the story here.

Rice Thieves Foiled By Trail Of Rice That Led Right To Their Home

These smart thieves stole bags of rice from a warehouse. Unknown to them one of the bags of rice had a hole in it and the local Sherlock Holmes wisely followed the rice trail right to their home. So Hansel and Gretal! Read the story here.

Hilarious Guide To Becoming An E-mail Spammer Millionaire!

An A-Z guide to everything you need to know about marketing Xanax, Viagra, Cialis, naked Britney Spears pix, Nigerian inheritence schemes , and e-Bay password gathering. Hilarious, worth a look. Read the entire ludicrous list here.

Man Trespasses, Climbs Atop Train, Gets Electrocuted, Sues Amtrak For Not Protecting Him.

A Queens, New York man gets drunk, illegally trespasses and climbs atop Amtrak high speed train. 27,500 volt wires leave him in flames and cause his left hand and leg amputated. What to do? Sue Amtrak of course, as they "should have known that people trespassed" and therefore should have done more to protect them. Read the story here.

When Hurricanes Threaten New Orleans Supermarkets Quickly Sell Out Of Water, Ice, Pop-Tarts.

New Orleans residents quickly emptied shelves when Hurricane Gustave was approaching. Rouse's Market had already boosted inventory of the quick sellers- ice, water, Pop-Tarts. Read the story here.

What To Do With 32 Small Bombs? Drop The Off At The Local Police Night Desk? Not.

So you find your son's friend has 32 small bombs designed to scare seals away from docks. They are like small sticks of dynamite. What to do? I know, arrive unannounced and leave them on the desk of the local police station. Read the story here.

Six Inch Long, 10 MPH Camel Spider Hitches Ride Home With Soldier, Kills Family Dog

Paratrooper Rodney Griffith arrived home from Afghanistan with a terrorist stowaway, a Camel Spider. They grow 6 inches long, can run 10 miles per hour, and this one killed Rodney's dog and is still hiding in the home. Family leaves, refuses to return. I can't blame them. Read the story here.