Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shockingly Bad Weather Conditions In Antarctica. Put A Jacket On If You Run To The Car!

Door to Hell in Antarctica - Watch more free videos

Check out these rather harsh weather conditions in Antarctica, then when the winter comes, shut up!

Sarah Palin Gets Hit On By Pakistan President!

President Zardari complimented Palin on her beauty in a long, warm handshake, twice, all this and his wife Benazir Bhutto is barely cold after her recent assassination. Read the story here. See the pissed-off Pakastani newscasts here. Well, since Benazir was killed, Sarah is the hottest politician going.

Metal Plates Inside Luggage Sends Message To Those Always Smiling Airport Security Guards. Order Yours Today!

And for a real laugh, put a metal cutout in the shape of a pistol in Grandma's luggage. For years you all will laugh about her trip to Des Moines! Read the story here.

750 Gorillas Run Wild On Streets Of London, England!

It's like 'Planet of the Apes' with a jogging yuppie twist. Great fun, neat idea, read the story here or visit the website here.

Just Because You Die, Don't Think You Can Avoid That Final Cell Phone Bill

T-Mobile continued to send this woman's mother her cell phone bill despite several phone calls and a mailed death notice! When the deceased failed to pay they turned the bill over to a collection agency. No dropped calls, even in death. Read the story here.

Muslim Man Sues Employer, A Grocery Warehouse, Because He Has To Move Alcohol In Warehouse With A Forklift.

Muslim man sues his employer, a grocery chain, because the evil heathens insisted he use the forklift to move ALCOHOL around the warehouse. He claims they never told him he would have to do that when he was hired. Here's a great idea- get a new job! Read the whole stupid story here.

Woman Finds Dead Bat In Coffee Maker. Next Time Order Decaf, Debat.

So late that night when she cleaned the coffee filter, there was the dead bat. I once made tea with the coffee grounds still in the maker, and my girlfriend liked the taste. Toffee? Cea? Read the story here.

Couple Can't Spare Time To Bring Child Home, Brings Child To Do Drug Deal

The time constraints of being a good drug dealer. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, even if it means bringing your child to sell Ecstasy tabs. And who ever would have suspected such from such an attractive young couple. Strangely, not in Florida? Read the story here.

Out On Bail, But Not For Long

Conrad Baum
Hillsborough County, Florida (Of Course)
Attempted Murder
"Out On Bail", Not For Long

Battery Charges For Farting On A Cop Are Dropped

To fart when a cop is arresting you is bad form, to fan it toward the cop just might be battery. Maybe not as charges are dropped and sop is expected to fully recover. Read the story here.