Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gum Art Of Artist Jamie Marracchini. Sweet, Sticky, Long Lasting. Just Like Double Bubble And Picasso.

'Bish Bam Boe'
by Jamie Marracchini
Gum Art- 2672 Pieces

Artist Jamie Marraccini makes art that will surely 'stick' around, art made entirely of gum. Interesting and popular, he has been featured in numerous news articles and magazines. Now you can see Jamie's art here.

This Has To Be One Of The Funniest Political Parodies I Have Seen, But Then Again, I AM Easily Amused.

Republican Commentators Caught On Tape Ridiculing Vice Presidential Choice.

When the camera cut to commercials Republican talking heads Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan forget the mikes are live and express their TRUE feelings on choosing Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidential slot.

Mug Shot- Robert Marcum. Can You Guess What The Charge Was?

Robert Marcum, Florida. Of Course.
Arrested for arson.
Now I am not one to be soft on crime, but shouldn't this guy be at the hospital?

Advertising Executive Accidently E-Mails Entire Company Memo On Impending Layoffs.

Executive memo accidentally sent to all employees details impending layoffs, including how to let people go and what to tell remaining staff. Second memo- All employees are instructed to ignore first memo, or risk termination? Read the story here.

Custom's Inspector Opens A Box Labled 'Personal Clothing" And Wishes He Hadn't.

Opening the box labled 'personal clothes' (as opposed to professional clothes? or community clothes?), the custom's inspector found about 300 spiders and scorpions! That bites. Read the story here.

Speaking Of Spiders, A 50 Foot Spider Has Invaded Liverpool!

Part of an art project, this HUGE 50 foot mechanical spider is designed to crawl around, over, and whereever it pleases in Liverpool. They are probably wishing the artists would do something cute and nice, like the Jesus with an erection statue. Read the story here.

Sarah Palin Nude Or Internet Scam? I Vote For "B", But Like A Train Wreck, How Can I Not Look?

Is this really a photograph of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin in the buff, or as some bloggers have speculated, Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame? After long and careful consideration, 'The Odd Report' Board of Directors have concluded that it is irrelevant, as Sarah Palin is hotter at age 44 with clothes than at 21 nude! Of course, hotness is how we all decide on the leaders of the free world, so all is good. See the photo here.