Friday, October 3, 2008

New Car Designed By Playstation Is Freaking Awesome Looking!

Beautiful. See it here with lots of photos.

Drive Drunk, Hit Signs And Curbs, Cops Following, Go To School To Pick Up Kids.

Well, yeah, don't be late to pick up the kids, the wife will be so mad. What's with the pink mug shot, I do not know, was he THAT toasted? Read the story here.

I Believe Halloween Is Becoming Hookerween.

Yes, so what toadstool have you been hiding under the last ten years, Pimp? Read the story here.

Christine Swift, FL. Contempt Of Court.

Christine Swift, FL. Contempt of Court. Possibly Contempt For Hair Styling Also!

Woman Brings Bat To School, Kids Touch It, Bat Rabid, Parents Too!

This woman bought a dead bat to school and let children touch it. See how soft he is kids? Oh, by the way kids, he has rabies, which can be spread through saliva. Don't worry though, the month long rabies treatment only costs $800 each and will be covered by the school's insurance. Read the story here.

Homer Simpson Casts His Vote For President!

In this scene reportedly from the November 2 episode of 'The Simpsons', Homer has a bit of trouble castng his vote.