Thursday, September 25, 2008

China Releases Transcript Of Astronaut Conversations. Before The Rocket Is Launched.

China released news of their latest space launch, including transcripts of detailed dialogue between the space vehicle and the base. All several hours before the actual rocket left the launch pad. Surely that little Olympic athlete was of legal competition age, right. Read the story here.

Kentucky Town Drunk Arrested Over 1,300 Times!

Henry Earl of Kentucky has been arrested over 1,300 times, mostly for public intoxication, and has spent over 5,000 days in custody. Avoid hangovers Henry, stay drunk! Read the story here.

28! Students Suspended. For Cooking Breakfast. Next Time, Just Smoke Pot In The Bathroom Kids! Make It Count.

I find it hard to believe that the kids realize "it was a foolish thing to do", unless of course they are referring to the knucklehead administrators suspending them. Read the story here.

Politician Wants To Pay Women To Be Made Infertile!

Louisiana representative says lower income people have more babies, drain resources, wants to pay women $1,000 to voluntarily have their tubes tied, preventing pregnancy. Many are outraged, but come on, you know what he says is true. I'm outraged, they are offering too much, we should start at $100! Read the story here.