Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florida University Halts Sale Of Beer On Campus In The Morning, Finds It Could Lead To Drinking Before Class

South Florida University in Tampa has halted the sale of beer, as people may drink while working or before class. It was good for the week it lasted, beer at 11 A.M. As for alcohol consumed off-campus during the day, University Vice President says it's like "don't ask, don't tell". Now that's gay. Read the story here.

HUGE Anti-War Protest Rally Draws Crowd Of 50

A call went out to all anti-war protesters to march on the Republican National Convention, and all of 50 high school and college kids showed up. Cops put away the riot gear and leaned on their patrol cars to watch. Read the story here.

English Girl Drinks Unique Alcohol Concoction And Head Swells To Football Size!

So what happens when you enjoy a holiday mixture of Baileys. chilli, tequila, absinthe, ouzo, vodka, cider, and gin. You're head swells to the size of a football, and doctors say it could be permanent. Here in Texas we would have left the dangerous cider out. Read the story here.

Police- "Do You Know Why We Are Here"? Woman- "Because Of What I Have Growing In My Backyard. My Marijuana Plants".

Police follow up anonymous tip and bust woman with 170 marijuana plants in her backyard. Sse claims ALL 170 plants are for her personal medical needs. Police arrest her and send pot off to the "state laboratory for testing", which also sounds a bit suspicious. Read the story here.

Mug Shot- My What An Interesting Place For A Tattoo.

Sam Apostolou. Florida, Of Course.
Obtaining A Controlled Substance.
How many controlled substances must you obtain before a 'tramp stamp' style tattoo on your forehead starts sounding like a reasonable idea?