Sunday, October 12, 2008

Perhaps The Worst Website Ever. Enjoy!

'Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven'. Well, how correct to say- "OH MY GOD"! This has to be one of the most puzzling, annoying, and badly designed websites ever. From the first moment of the screeching cat??? to the seizure inducing rainbow racing across the screen it's bad. Heap on some elevator straight to Hell music and you have a BAD website. Enjoy it here.


Alan said...

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sinfullyanon said...

Not as annoying as mine, though.

I'm of the "We-Try-Harder-with-a-hard-on" School of Web-pages; Jesus, truly is being given a run for his money & two for a show!

(Well. Spank me, silly.:)

[Note: SinfullyAnon is not responsible for the above statements/comments. The f'ing Devil made him do it. Muawwwwhhhhhhh!]