Saturday, October 4, 2008

Girl Genius At Oxford Studying Math At 13, Now She Is A Hooker.

So, when she mathematically compared a professor's income with a high dollar prostitutes... Read the story here and here.

British Teacher's Union Demands Right Have Sex With Students!

That's right, they think no teacher should be prosecuted for sleeping with a student over the age of 16. And what's next, 15? Dear Lord, don't let America's teachers find this out. Read the story here.

Not Really News- Galveston Islanders Who Stayed Behind Died!

So the last thing one woman said on the phone with a friend was "I really messed up this time". That's an understatement. The real news is that so few people died in Galveston, 33 confirmed, about 200 still missing. Read the story here.

Seattle Children's Theatre Producing Stage Version Of 'Night Of The Living Dead'. Huh?

Hmmm, is this a good idea? 'Night of the Living Dead' at the Seattle CHILDREN"S Theatre? No plans yet for a revival of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. Read the story here.

Lingerie Model Guilty Of Bribery Attempt Of Cop To Avoid Ticket.

She pulled $270 cash out of her bra to try and pay her ticket on the spot. Yeah right. How funny, good job Mr. cop! Read the story here.