Sunday, September 28, 2008

In Cambodia Rat Meat Prices Skyrocket To $1.50 Per Kilo. So Stop Griping About Gas Costs!

That's right, when your agriculture is not up to par and any chicken might be carrying Avian flu, rats start to look like Big Mac's running around the barn at night. And yes, they do eat rats in other parts of the world, among other adventorous offerings. Read the whole story here.

Quadriplegic Arrested For Filming Underage Girls In Shower.

So I don't know what's sicker, stupider or most amazing. This sick puppy should surely get the book thrown at him, but how in the world does a person who CANNOT move do this. He MUST have had some help, right Sherlock Holmes? And is this not a huge case of useless effort. I can only assume a man wants to see naked girls for sexual purposes and surely a QUADRIPLEGIC must have problems using this information, if you know what I mean. Read the story here.

Priest Counseling Couple Quits, Moves In With Wife, Gets Sued By Husband.

God, this is good. Better than a soap opera. That's what happens when a couple might be having problems with their sexual relationship, children, or marriage, and they seek advice from a man who has experienced none of these and bases his advice on an antiquated book about an angry God! Read the story here.

Denver Police Issue 'Funny' T-Shirts Commemorating The Possible Beating Of Democratic National Convention Protestors.

Now how's that for a bad idea, even if it seemed funny in the meeting. Click on the image fro a better view. A Denver detective says they have not received any complaints. Well now that 'The Odd Report' is on the case, you will. Read the story here.

Thieves Try To Sell Stolen Goods Back To The Owner

Maybe they should have gone into the kidnapping field instead? Read the stupid story here.