Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane Ike- Official Warns Coast To Avoid "Hurricane Fatigue".

As Hurricane Ike approaches, the third storm to threaten the coast from New Orleans, LA, to Houston, TX this year, official warns public to beware of "hurricane fatigue". My favorite response is from a houston resident, "I don't live in a flood zone. My house is made of solid brick. " I believe she may be suffering from "hurricane fatigue." Read the story here.

Burglar Walks Home In Underwear, Forgets Wallet.

Man breaks into home, takes off all of his clothes but his underwear, steals and drinks a bottle of wine, then leaves, walking home. In his underwear. "Oh, damn, I forgot my pants at the house. With my wallet in them!" Read the whole pathetic story here.

The Ultimate Idiot Test. A Wonderful Way To Pass A Moment And Punish Your Employer For That Crappy Raise.

What Didn't He Get Arrested For?

Justin Krautheim, Florida, Of Course.
Arrested for burglary, giving a false name, theft, possession of firearms, and driving under the influence, among other things.
Could he also have been arrested for not using more bandages to cover up that dirty look.

Dozens Hospitalized In El Salvador's Annual Fireball Festival. Great Video!

Every year the residents of this town get together and throw huge balls of fire at each other. And why not? Read the story and see the video here.

Hurricane Ike Is On The Way, Galveston, TX Is In The 'Cone Of Uncertainty"

Today, September 8, is the 108 year anniversary of the Galveston Storm of 1900. Hurrican Ike looks like he may be a few days late for the party. Read the story here or check out The Great Storm of Galveston Photos here.

Note To Self- When I Kidnap Someone Do Not Set My Gun Down Next To Victim To Text Message Someone.

When one of the kidnappers (in Florida, of course) sets his gun down to type a text message, victim shoots and kills him. Hope it was an important message. Read the story here.

Cave Tours Cancelled Bacause Of What They Found In The Cave. Guess What?

Cave tours had to be cancelled because of the discovery that of all things, BATS, were making their home in the cave. Forest tour may follow if deer are discovered. Read the story here.

Japanese Professor Claims North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Died, Represented Now By Clever Doubles

The photo above supposedly shows Kim's double on the left in 2008 and the real Kim Jong Il on the right in 2003. Very crafty, so well done I would almost believe it is the same man! Read the story here.