Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creepy Robot Girl! I Will Wait For The Adult, Not Creepy Version.

Man, talk about a creepy little The Grudge robot, I will wait for the less Stepford child version. Call me when they are adult and not scary. Read the story and check out the video here.

Robot WOMAN! Now That's More Like It. Does She Come In Blonde?

Finally, the perfect companion. How much and how long to deliver? Does she have a volume control? Just kidding. No, really. With awesome scary cool video, read the story here.

Starbuck's- Every One Has A Sink Running All Day For NOTHING!

So your local Starbucks turns on the tap and let sit run, all day, non-stop- EVER! Times 10,000 Starbucks outlets. Every three minutes one faucet flows out enough to sustain one African person suffering a drought. What a green company. It's all to keep bacteria from growing in the trap and pipes, though NO expert agrees that this is needed. Ever heard of bleach? Read the story here and Starbuck's pathetic denial here, before heading off to check it out at your Starbucks, than grabbing a coffee at the gas station.

Sarah Palin On A Mavericky And Hilarious Blog

Sarah Palin on a daily blog, funny thoughts, images, ideas. Click here, then add to your favorites.

Woman Gets $200 Fine For Donating ONE Shoe To Homeless Shelter

Her giving nature led her to dump one shoe, half a shutter and a cabinet door in the parking lot of the homeless shelter. The judges giving nature called it littering and said give the city $200! Read the story here.