Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does The Bar Below Your Apartment Window Keep You Up At Night. Let Them Know With A Stream Of Abuse. A Urine Stream Of Abuse.

When the fancy new bar opened and the noise pissed off numerous residents in the apartments above them, one anonymous resident let them have a stram of abuse, taking a leak several times on their glass roof. Read the story here.

Ohio Teen Shot To Death While Egging Cars.

Sure it seemed like a fun prank at the time, but this teen was shot to death while egging cars. It's the second time a teen in Ohio has been shot to death for egging since 2006. Is there version of egging a bit more extreme than I am aware of, or is it Ohio drivers are a bit hot-tempered? Read the story here.

Egyptian Lawmaker Accused Of Paying Two Million Dollars To Have Lebanese "American Idol" Winner Beheaded.

The bad news is she was found beheaded. The worse news is that she was really hot! Worst of all Justin Guarini and Clay Aiken still walk around safe and sound? Read the story here.

Florida man breaks into home to make coffee. Hey, I know how much you sometimes want a cup.

Florida Man breaks into home and makes some coffee, figures it will be a good place "to dry off and rest". Homeowner disagrees, making it a very expensive cup of coffee. Read the story here.

Statue Of Jesus With Erection Causes Outrage. Meanwhile, Indians Are Waiting On A Roof To Be Rescued From A Flood

Artist Terence Koh has once again agitated the world with his art, this time a sculpture of Jesus with an erection. Seems an easy path to art fame- pick a religious icon and put them into an offensive work. Meanwhile Christians everywhere ignore 1.2 million Indians not being rescued in a flood. See story below. Read about the artwork here.

India Has Massive Flooding, Rescuing 1.2 Million Homeless 'Katrina Style". Meaning Not.

Huge floods in India have killed dozens and left an astounding 1.2 million homeless, like the U.S. hurricane Katrina on steroids. India is emulatiing the U.S. and rescuing the people 'Katrina style', which means leaving them on a roof for like... ever. Read the story here.